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why stop when u have someone with u


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Come on, come to the Dude, Stop WIKI! Help us add pages!,_Stop_Wiki


lol i seen this on youtube its stunning



awesome :3


This game was super fun and it was a great concept!


IT was so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool




I saw this game on the internet and I was very interested. Cant wait to play! : )


this is fu@##$% free!!!

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it was alot of fun and i enjoyed it

here is the link to my channel :

heres the video:


Is this the offical game? The most recent one has a voice actor (TheDragonHat)


ANDY HOW DARE YOU BETRAY US!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Andy:Sorry

I forgive you :3






good game:)


This game wants me to be a monster! LOL




I love this game


Super Funny couldn't stop laughing hope you make more games like this in the future!

Very great game!  It was funny and fun to play :D 

how do i play this game!

Had to try and see what I had missed those years ago that this had apparently come out, only to find it on Steam recently. Although I have to admit, based on the trailer I was lead to the idea that the game would feature a narrator that you were meant to frustrate as they ostracize you in-real time sort of like if you combined THIS with Stanley Parable - I think that idea sounds better imho - rather than just 'INSERT FONT AFTER DOING A GOOD OR BAD THING'. If the narrator in the trailers actually narrated whilst you were doing doing the levels as is true with Stanley Parable, I think a game with that design choice would be 500% better.

Well done with this game. Even though my OCD was through the roof I still had fun solving the puzzles. Charming and Funny as well. A+

Who knew that acting like a dick could be so much fun?



I had seen this game circling the internet before and was surprised to find it again! This game is absolutly hilarious and these most unsatisfying thing I've ever played haha. I had a lot of fun though and I did make a small gameplay video for it. If you got the chance to check it out I'd be very appreciative! 

Played this and I regret NOTHING. (def getting it on Steam, btw)

Such a fun, cool little game. I felt like a completely terrible person, and loved every second.

I feel so evil now.

This game allowed me to be the awful monster that I truly am... although making the picture not straight no the wall killed me a small bit inside.  Amazing game!


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Hello my fellow Earth Livers! I know you might be thinking, wow what is this game well to solve your dilemma, here is a video showcasing if this brilliant game is right for you! 

Really like this concept, hope will see full game soon!

(being bad is more fun)


Very simple a nice little game. Had very good time playing. i did 3 episodes all under 4 mins hope you enjoy them!!

nice game man made my laugh so hard lol

Very simple a nice little game. Had very good time playing.

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