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yea thx its reeeely cool but how do i PLAY THE GAME

can i download it on a mac bc i think u can only download it on a windows 

i saw this on steam and was sad because it wasnt free but now im happy

I can't get onnnnnnn

I want toooooo playyyyyyyyyyyyyu



Ive downloaded it but Idk how to get on

looks good but how do I get on it?

How do i get past pack 2??????? I have all of them but it wont let me go on!


I can't pass level 3 called "Painting"


tilt it to the right a bit


please....I want it to be for iPad. ITS MY DREAM! ITS TERRIBLE! My GOODNEES! Work  harder please.


I can't open the game because it says "There should be a folder named 'DudeStop_data'next to DudeStop.exe" and there is folder named DudeStop_Data and it's right next to it. 


how do u open this? i cant seem to find out.. TvT

Need more

i cant play it its confusing

I love this game!  It just makes you want to be naughty and destroy every single puzzle.  It's so fun to watch the narrator blow his balls off! 



dude stop is the best game and i want to play it but i am on a chrome book.

me too :(

same, but i have a pc. it's only a couple MB. you could get a small PC for like $100 to $150 maximum


why stop when u have someone with u


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Come on, come to the Dude, Stop WIKI! Help us add pages!,_Stop_Wiki


lol i seen this on youtube its stunning



awesome :3

This game was super fun and it was a great concept!


IT was so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool


I saw this game on the internet and I was very interested. Cant wait to play! : )

this is fu@##$% free!!!

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it was alot of fun and i enjoyed it

here is the link to my channel :

heres the video:

Is this the offical game? The most recent one has a voice actor (TheDragonHat)

ANDY HOW DARE YOU BETRAY US!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Andy:Sorry

I forgive you :3



good game:)

This game wants me to be a monster! LOL


I love this game

Super Funny couldn't stop laughing hope you make more games like this in the future!

Very great game!  It was funny and fun to play :D 

how do i play this game!

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